Steve Singleton, who has more than 25 years experience in the automotive business, is both the Founder and the Director of Operations of Security Key Systems. In this role, he works closely with clients, oversees our growing company, and directs a network of sub-distributors across the country.

Steve has been marketing the Morse Watchmans’ products for over ten years as the main distributor of KeyBank systems for the U.S. automotive market. During that time, Security Key Systems has sold, installed, and serviced over a thousand KeyBank systems. Security Key Systems also now has its own network of sub-distributors marketing KeyBank systems across the country.

Steve’s first job in automotive technology was with COIN Financial Systems, the company that revolutionized the F&I industry by computerizing the dealership’s finance and insurance transactions. Steve, a founder of COIN, was also one of the company’s top sales performers as COIN grew to be the F&I industry leader.

After COIN, Steve started Security Key Systems. For several years Security Key Systems was as a distributor for KeyTrak. Then, in 2001, when Morse Watchman, the world leader in security management, entered the automotive market, Security Key Systems became the sole U.S. distributor of the KeyBank system. Under Steve’s direction, KeyBank is now one of the leading key control systems in the U.S. automotive industry.

On a personal note, Steve is a skilled golfer and an ardent Florida Gators fan.