KeyBank® Touch is the latest version of the best-selling KeyBank system. The revolutionary KeyBank Touch tracks a vehicle from the time it’s ordered or purchased until it’s sold and driven off the lot.

Like the KeyBank, the new Touch safeguards and tracks keys used in a dealership. With its bright 7″ full color, touch screen, the system is easier to use than other systems and comes with an improved interface for third party software.


  • Email notifications when a key is removed
  • Common database for all KeyBank systems in a dealership
  • Entry of custom notes and info via the on-screen QWERTY keyboard
  • Keys returned to any KeyBank Touch in a dealership with KeyAnywhere
  • Identification of what keys are out, if any keys are overdue, and when keys will be overdue with My KeysOut feature
  • Access control style interface
  • Modular design, full scalability


  • Know where a vehicle is at any time in the purchase, sales and service process
  • Return a key to any KeyBank in a dealership
  • Locate a specific key easily, quickly
  • Know who has which keys
  • Communicate with in-house systems
  • Automatic syncing of updates to all KeyBank systems
  • Quicker, easier programming of users
  • Quick assignment of key and group permission, access level and other settings
  • Easier to read, color reports
  • Common database accessible form all KeyBank unit

Download the KeyBank® Touch Flyer