Dealerships across the U.S. use KeyBank systems every day to secure vehicle keys and protect inventory. KeyBank works for them because:

  • System access is strictly controlled by user codes or a biometric device, such as the fingerprint reader.
  • Managers determine employees’ level of access to the system, using five different access levels.
  • Keys can be returned to any location in the cabinet and the system remembers that location.
  • Smart Key locations in the cabinet are individually illuminated for instant visual ID.
  • KeyBank records the access history for each key.
  • The key system works as a stand-alone or interfaces with the dealership’s PC, network or in-house system.

Asset Management at Its Best

KeyBank is ideal for new and used car dealerships, service departments, and rental car fleets. This well-tested key security system helps you:

  • Never lose a sale because you can’t find the keys
  • Eliminate key and remote replacement costs
  • Eliminate the mess and hassles of lock boxes and pegboards
  • Protect assets
  • Dramatically reduce liabilities for theft and possibly reduce your floor plan insurance premiums
  • Reduce or eliminate mystery mileage and damage
  • Increase productivity
  • Check the status and location of your vehicle inventory in real time, any time
  • Analyze vehicle demo histories to find slow movers
  • Analyze sales force performance on demos
  • Create audit trails
  • Manage accountability in REAL-TIME

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